I got one of these a few years back as a Christmas gift from my grandmother. Talk about a “stocking stuffer” huh? Maybe she had noticed that I was lacking confidence. At the time, I was living in my parents basement, working at Radio Shack and would become physically sick […]

The Male Package Enhancer Cosmetic Cup

Meet Belty, the newest mascot of the 2020 FIFA World Cup in Qatar! Actually no, Belty is the newest piece of wearable tech available. It consists of a belt – with an app of course. But it’s so much more! This bad boy adjusts and loosens to the user throughout […]

Belty the Wearable Tech Belt

Sometimes an idea is so obvious it’s amazing that nobody has thought of it before. Behold the Shrimp Cloud, which promises 1 Terabyte of shrimp available to you anytime, anywhere, from any device. It’s a truly revolutionary project that has already raised a considerable amount of funding on it’s first […]

Shrimp Cloud

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: You go to the restroom to drop a deuce. Outside the door, a crowd gathers, listening intently, hearing every disgusting bodily function you make inside. Toilet tunes has the answer. It attaches to your toilet and once the lid is up, starts to play smooth jazz […]

Toilet Tunes

We all know that George Washington and the founding fathers were gangsters. Check out this helpful historically accurate rap video here. And we all saw Abe Lincoln’s sweet t-shirt. But if you want something simple that you can wear to boost your own street cred, here it is.  You’ll be smoking hemp […]

George Washington Original Gangster T-shirt

While we still don’t have the hoverboard promised to us in Back to the Future III, this may be the next best thing. Answering man kinds long lasting obsession with finding ways to not walk, Acton brings us the Rocket Skates. While there are no actual rockets on them (someone […]

Acton Rocket Skates

When searching for a full body suit to aid weight loss, there are several options available. Some say infrared heat is the way to go. Others swear by compressed air. Heck, some people even go with vibrating electrical shock pads. Well the Air Detox Presso Therapy system combines ALL 3 […]

Infrared Weight Loss Suit

If you read this book, you will gain ultimate power. It’s just as simple as that. It’s written by ToyTony Runo who is also featured on the cover. The funny thing is I don’t know how to read Italian – but I’ll be goddamned if I didn’t understand everything this dude […]

Ultimate Power Book

The perfect pint glass for when you want to channel your inner Samuel L. Jackson. Or maybe just fill the mother fucker up with whiskey and see what happens. Either way, this pint glass literally tells everyone around you to watch the fuck out. The big dog is in the […]

It’s on Mother Fuckers Pint Glass

I think we can all agree that nothing is more repulsive than a bald baby - cute little toes can't mask the horror of a hairless newborn. In fact, thousands of bald babies are given up for adoption every year. Thankfully, the nightmare can end with this wig for little […]

Elvis Wig for Babies